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Web Design Process

Initial Talks
Price quote and Contract signed
Register domains
Prototype (demo layout)
Web Design and Testing
Web site published
Site Promotion
Ongoing Support

We need min. 10 business days to complete project after contract signed
- for Standard Basic Package

Our Expertises & Skills

Chris Design can help you update, enhance, or redesign your Web site.
Our expertise in graphics, animation, and technical design allows you to deliver a more effective professional message.
We build interactive interfaces that increase the aesthetic appeal of your site while maintaining easy navigation.

Complete services:

  • GIF animation
  • Logo design
  • Corporate style development
  • Photo editing
  • Background development
  • Javascript
  • Database
  • PHP / JSP / ASP / CGI


  Web Design Process (Step by Step)  
  Step One - Initial Talks  
  We will take time to understand your requirements, answer your questions and explain how we can help your business. You will fill out our worksheet which can give us more info about your background.  
  Setp Two – Price quote and Contract signed  
  We then determine the number of web pages, graphics, and any other services you may need, such as domain name, web hosting or website promotion. Based on our understanding of your requirements, we will prepare a written price estimate so that you know the cost in advance. we will agree contract details and deposit payment will be made. You'll be provided with an invoice for 50% of the total of your quote.  
  Step Three – Register domains  
  if required, we will register domain name(s) on your behalf and set up a web hosting account.  
  Step Four – Analysis  
  In order to create an effective design and layout, Chris Design first engages in thorough market research. We'll examine your current market situation and use that information to guide all of our design decisions and efforts. Once we understand the needs of your market, we'll determine what should be included in your site and how to simplify navigation. Of course, your input will also provide us with valuable suggestions and insight which will guarantee the quality of the site.  
  Step Five – Prototype (demo layout)  
  Now it's time to bring everything together. We work with you to develop a layout, design appropriate graphics, and finalize an efficient navigation structure. Then we create a prototype of the site which you'll be able to view through our special “Client's Area.” With your input, we'll continue to refine the site until you are satisfied so you'll know exactly what the finished product looks like in advance.  
  Step Six – Web Design and Testing  
  After you approve the prototype, our team starts turning it into a reality. This step involves optimizing graphics for web viewing, coding the pages into different web languages based on your needs, and testing the site every step of the way for quality assurance.  
  Step Seven – Web site published  
  Once the site is done and you have approved its final form, it is time to go “live.” Now all the hard work pays off and the site will be accessible to anyone on the Internet. You'll be provided with an invoice for the left 50% of the total of your quote.  
  Step Eight – Site Promotion  
  Now that your site is online, it's time to start attracting visitors. All of our web design projects include free submission to major search engines which is an ideal way to begin your site's marketing efforts.  
  Step Nine – Ongoing Support  
  Of course even once your site is up and ready, we'll continue to provide you valuable and useful support. As long as you have your site, we'll be there to assist you.  

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