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  Web SEM: Search Engine Marketing For Your Web Site

Search engine marketing or optimisation is utilised to increase website visitors by returning very high rankings in the search results of keywords. Keywords are identified as the most popular words or phrases entered into search engines specific to your website's products, services or information.

This SEO process also refers to modifying websites to make them search engine friendly with keyword rich content that will work to bring potential consumers and corporations together. The outcome of professional search engine optimisation is to work, to consistently achieve top search engine rankings.

Page Ranking
Our services include:
» Internet Marketing Consultancy
» Pay-Per-Click Management


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Money Back Guarantee
We will ethically search engine optimize your website, and get you three keywords of your choose in the Top 10 of Google™ organic ranking within 8-12 months or we will rightfully refund you your 80% paid money. 

Production Process Timeline (SEO Examination, Research & Analysis) Within
1-14 Days
Campaign Ongoing
Traffic Ranking Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Manual submission to the top search engines
Manual submission to the directories
Creation of Themed Linked Pages
Link Building (Inbound, Reciprocal)
Higher Link Popularity Guaranteed
Ranking Reports & Analysis Monthly
Email Support
Chat Support
Number of pages to be optimized 10-20
Comparator Analysis
Optimization of Titles and Meta Tags
Website Linik, Keyword Research & Analysis
Creation of new search engine optimized pages (Mod Rewrite)
Google Analytics
W3C Validation Check


Web SEO: Search Engine Optimization For Your Web Site
  Web SEO is the optimization of a web site to achieve higher ranking on search engines. Search engine optimization can best be analogized to a simple trip to a library.

Search Engine Optimization consists of several different procedures to promote your site in the major search engines. If is a proven fact that over 65% of all search engine traffic is now coming form Google, and it is therefore the standard that we use when working on your site.

Key Word Report - The initial stage of any search engine optimization is to produce you a report with an analysis of the keywords you are looking for and suggestions that may produce you quality traffic that is better suited to your needs. The report also has the number of searches that are carried out on the keywords per month. Based on this report, we will quote you for the Search engine Optimization of your site. The cost of this report is minimal and a very necessary stage of the optimization process.

Search Engine Optimization - This will either involve us in making the changes to your site or we will advise you on the changes that are required. This may involve changes to any of the following.

Web Site Content - Your web site content may not be Search Engine friendly and may need updated along with the structure of your site.

Web Site Links - Your linking within your site may also need updating to be more friendly within the search engines.

Images - The images within your site may need modifications.

Page Ranking - We will work on your page ranking and help to promote your site with other sites and link exchanges.

Keyword Monitoring - You have the option to have us work with your site on an on-going basis. Other sites will come along and may push your site down. We will monitor your site on a monthly/weekly basis as required.



  Basic SEO package ( one year program ):

Broken down by payment schedule.

$2,000 upfront payment for code cleaning and site rebuild.
$2,000 paid once. Agreed upon keyword phrases are ranked in the top 10 results

Total: $4,000
This package includes one year of SEO maintenance.

In addition the client should expect to maintain a budget of $2,000 to $3000 per year as an additional strategic link marketing. to be used for text ads, backlinking and directory inclusions.

  Our services include:
  » Site optimization (code clean and site rebuild)
  » W3C HTML & CSS Validation Check
  » Site ranking report
  » Keywords analyse
  » Competitor sites analyse
  » Submit to directories and search engines
  » Submission & ranking check reports
  » Backlink to other websites
  » Google Analytics account
  » Traffic Analysis
  » Link Popularity
  How long does it take until a new site ranks in Google, Yahoo and MSN?  
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